Founder and President

PJ Vasconcellos
with Ziva & Kuyani

With over 30 years of animal experience, 15 plus which have been spent in dog rescue operations, my lifelong dream of building a rescue organization has finally become a reality. An organization that respects the time and efforts of all volunteers, and most importantly never loses sight of the number one reason we were formed – to save dogs, and place them in loving forever homes.


Chris Moran & Cody

I am experienced in marketing and advertising, and am very excited to join a Rescue Team whose primary focus is to highlight our rescue dogs and our organization all with the goal of finding forever homes. One of my favorite sayings is “sometimes you need a dog, and sometimes they need you.” That makes the decision to adopt so much easier.


Sidney Bruce & Mojo

I am very excited to join Redwood Coast German Shepherd Rescue as the corporate treasurer. I became involved with the rescue world two years ago after adopting my current dog, Mojo. I bring multi-industry experience in financial analysis, accounting practices, cost controls, general business administration to the organization, as well as having run my own accounting business for over 30 years.

Dog Operations & Adoptions

PJ Vasconcellos

Founder and President

Ziva & her two brothers, Tyler and Dagen, who have since crossed the Rainbow Bridge

I am ecstatic to be able to embrace not only my passion for saving German Shepherds, but for bringing together a Team that shares that passion. Together we can accomplish life-saving miracles.

Carissa Fernandez

I am excited for this opportunity to join the new Rescue Team, as I am extremely passionate about animal rescue and have two dogs at home that I love more than anything.

Rescue Consultants

Animal Shelter Consultant

Joanie Bruno-Compagno

I started my career as a Veterinarian Technician over 25 years ago, but soon knew my calling and passion was in animal welfare. After serving for five years as the Animal Care Supervisor for a local SPCA, I accepted the position of Lead Animal Care Technician for another local County Animal Services facility. To date, I have performed countless dog behavior evaluations and continue my dedication in finding forever homes through adoption or in coordination with rescue groups. Through the years, my husband and I have shared love and devotion for our companion animals.

IT Consultant

Andrea Horvath

Design and helping people is my passion. I am originally from Orange County, California. While California is known for its fantastic weather, I am happy to now be living in Buckeye, Arizona, where there is less traffic, great weather, and peaceful surroundings. I am a self-taught designer/developer. I did attend school and received on-site training from years of experience when working in-office. There is nothing better than giving customers the perfect design they are after. I love a variety of design and development and love to push the boundaries. I am incredibly customer-focused and can provide a single plan for a massive design campaign. I currently work with Redwood Coast German Shepherd Rescue as their online tech expert, having designed their website, and assist with anything website functionality related. I fully support their rescue efforts and am honored to work with the organization as their IT Consultant.

Facebook & Grant Writing Consultant

Carissa Fernandez

I achieved my Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management in 2012, and have worked and volunteered for various nonprofits in the past. I currently specialize in fundraising, grant writing, social media, and development.