Energy Levels

Low Energy

Very easy dog, with no issues. This type of dog will acclimate well in most homes.

Low to Moderate Energy

An easy family dog who will need some exercise, and will acclimate well in most homes.

Moderate Energy

Will need daily exercise and mental stimulation in order to thrive in the adoptive home. Adopters must have prior experience with large working breed dogs, and be able to demonstrate appropriate handling skills.

High Energy

Must have an experienced handler, who can provide strong leadership and proper management of working breed behavior. This dog must be given a daily exercise outlet and mental stimulation to expend their energy. This dog is not an average pet but the rewards could be great.


Energy Levels

Puppy - (under 1 year of age)

Puppies require a lot of daily care, training, and guidance for them to successfully grow into adulthood. Potential adopters must demonstrate recent experience with raising a large working breed puppy.

Working Dogs

Are naturally high energy and need a job. We rarely bring in a dog at such a high-level need. However, on the rare occasion that we find such a dog, we will work with our rescue partners to find a professional handler and an appropriate home.